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Gasification of straw at DGC

The Danish Gas Technology Centre (DGC) has acquired a lab scale Heatpipe Reformer. Within the LignoSys project DGC will gasify pelletized straw and the results will serve as an input for the system studies performed by Lund University.

On the 23rd of July the project coordinator visited DGC where a measurement campaign on pelletized straw took place.

DGC gasifier
From left: Dr. Nabin Aryal and Dr. Niels Bjarne Rasmussen are adjusting the set point for the gasification temperature during the measurement campaign.
Photo: Jörgen Held

First industrial WoodRoll® inaugurated in Sweden

WoodRoll® is one of three thermochemical conversion routes that is investigated within the LignoSys project. The technology is based on drying, pyrolysis and indirect gasification of biomass and waste.

The WoodRoll® system is developed and marketed by Cortus Energy AB.

The first industrial scale facility was inaugurated on the 19th of June at the premises of Höganäs AB, the world leading manufacturer of metal powders.

The ribbon-cutting cermony was performed by (from left) Peter Wallenberg Jr, Wallenberg Foundation, Fredrik Emilsson, CEO Höganäs AB, Maria Wetterstrand, board member Cortus Energy AB and Rolf Ljunggren, CEO Cortus Energy AB.
Photo: Jörgen Held

LignoSys at Swedish Energy Agency Programme Conference

Jörgen Held presented the LignoSys project at the Swedish Energy Agency Programme Conference, 29-30 November, 2017 in Eskilstuna.

The participant list included 50+ researchers presenting their projects within the Biofuels Programme. Projects related to both bio- and thermochemical conversion routes were presented.

Several presentations were related to bioSNG (biomethane through gasification and methanation) and it’s evident that the interest for biomethane is increasing. The high conversion efficiency, the low emissions and the cost competitiveness compared to other second generation biofuels are factors in favour of bioSNG.